AMT will give you the confidence to set out and fulfill your aspirations of adventure.  Professional guides will give you the wisdom needed to tackle the most basic to the most advanced trails in the Rocky Mountains. With access to trails that offer majestic views, creekside and high mountain lake fishing and an overall outstanding experience. We offer some of the best terrain in the Arkansas River Valley, including the Colorado Trail, this is the way to hike your future through the heart of the Rocky Mountains!

Off the Beaten Path

At AMT, we focus on crafting a unique experience for our guests that is different than what they can get anywhere else. Our hiking trips include some of the most beautiful and rare trails in the Arkansas River Valley, and our guides are with you every step of the way to ensure you are able to get the most out of the experience. Sign up for a group hike or talk to us about building a special package just for you or you and your group.


Our guides take you on the hike of a lifetime, so you can focus on the beauty around you and not a map.


We offer several overnight trip options for guests wanting to extend the fun and craft a one-of-a-kind Colorado hiking experience.

Explore what we consider some of the best trails near Salida and Buena Vista, Colorado

So many choices, so much unknown, not enough time – this is why we are here. We will take you to our favorite trails, we will show you the ropes so you are confident to go back on your own. And you save time on research by trusting us to put you in the right situation. 

Hiking is a great activity to immerse yourself in an unknown area. With miles and miles of National Forest it helps to have a local guide show you the ropes so you feel confident to go back on your own.